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Dominic Hopf dmaphy at xxxxx
Tue Dec 22 00:59:13 UTC 2009

Hi guys,
as promised in a mail few weeks ago I'm working on a new website for
plugins.geany.org. A first impression is already available at [1].
Any feedback is appreciated.

Note that there is still content missing about some plugins since I
didn't found time yet to work on every plugin page.

Just for your information, since I will maintain the site in future: I
developed a small process (mainly for me myself) to make sure the
maintenance of the site will stay as easy as it is at the present. There
are some configuration files available for rst2html and HTML Tidy at
[2], [3] and [4]. A small description of the idea behind these files is
available at [5].

This process implicates, that any information provided on [1] will be in
sync with your README files. I would just add navigation features and
such things to make it easy for a visitor to navigate through the site
and maybe also fix some typos and other syntax concerned issues but not
change any content related to your plugins. Actually, this already
happened for some plugins as you can see at [1]. In cases I am doing
changes (like fixing typos) to README files, I'll write a mail including
a patch to the affected plugin developer. 

Generating the content for the website from every README file means
also, if your README files are not up to date, the website also isn't.
For this reason I'd like to remember you to check your README files time
after time and see if any changes are necessary.

Please let me know what you're thinking of this prove of concept
(generating content from your README files) and maybe if you think there
are better ways to implement the site, I'd be happy about any
feedback. :)

I'm going for winter vacancies tomorrow and will be back in the
beginning of January, so most likely the site won't go live anymore this

Wish you all a merry x-mas and a happy new year!

Best Regards,

[1] http://plugins2.geany.org/index.php

[2] http://plugins2.geany.org/content/rst2html_config.conf
[3] http://plugins2.geany.org/content/rst2html_template.txt
[4] http://plugins2.geany.org/content/tidy.conf

[5] http://plugins2.geany.org/index.php?site=README

Dominic Hopf <dmaphy at gmail.com>


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