[Geany-devel] [PATCH] X session management support

Eugene Arshinov earshinov at xxxxx
Tue Dec 15 10:55:23 UTC 2009


Here are the patches for SM branch I promised to send. Proposed commit
message and notes (if any) are given below.

On my way I noticed some minor bugs. The patches which fix those bugs
have "fix" in their names.

Now I'm going to write a reverse parser for GOptionEntry. To proceed, I
need to know where I should put the code. Should I (a) modify
utils.{c,h} files or (b) make my own optentries.{c,h}? I want to
declare new GeanyOptionEntryAux struct containing one gboolean and
implement two functions:

  * a function to reverse-parse a single GOptionEntry;

  * a function taking an array of GOptionEntry and an array of
    GeanyOptionEntryAux and returning a GArray filled like argv.

Personally, I'd prefer (b).

“Extract SM-related code into separate sm.{c,h} files, make some
refactoring, and write code comments for Doxygen.”

Note: if you consider some Doxygen comments excessive, just drop them.

“Add sm_finalize().”

“Fix restart command.”

“Handle "Interact" message properly.”

“Make --new-instance imply --no-session.”

“Handle --no-session properly.
The previous commit allows us to change --no-session command line
option handling back to normal. The issue was described in a FIXME
section inside src/sm.c, the section is now deleted.”

“Use `GeanyDocument.file_name's instead of `GeanyDocument.real_path's in
restart command like Geany session management facilities do.”

Best regards,

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