[Geany-devel] [Bug] When saving a modified file, a new empty line is added

Colomban Wendling ban-ubuntu at xxxxx
Mon Dec 14 13:23:09 UTC 2009


Maxime Pacary a écrit :
>> I still don't see what's the problem with simply deactiviting the
>> feature
>> if it causes troubles for you.
> The problem is the *default value*. Each time a PHP developer installs
> Geany, he must keep in mind to disable this feature to avoid weird
> problems when using the *header()* function (frequent).
I don't see the problem in facts: anyway inserting a final PHP closing
tag is not required[1] and some (including me) recommends not to insert
it[2], for the reason you mention − unwanted headers.

But there may be languages where having a newline cause real trouble, I
don't know. Anyway I think having an ending newline is better in most
cases (for example, some UNIX commands works better with it).
Then, I think adding such an option in the filetypes is somewhat
overkill, but of course if anybody adds it − as far as C, Python and
Vala keeps the same behaviour ;) − I wouldn't complain.


for example

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