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Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Tue Dec 8 20:06:10 UTC 2009

On Tue, 24 Nov 2009 16:00:06 +0300, Eugene wrote:


sorry, I didn't manage to read and reply to your mail before. Even
though I'm really happy you invested so much efforts into this. Thanks!

(Everything of your original mail I snipped out is ok for me and I
spare us the 'yes, I agree' sentences :D)

>  [4.implementation.patch]
>    The implementation. I did not to extract it to separate source
>    code files so far, but I'll definitely do it if you wish.

It might be better but can also be done easily later.

>    XSMP requires a Geany instance to have the same XSMP client-ID
>    when it is restarted by the session manager. I created new
>    `--libsm-client-id' command-line option in order to specify it
>    in restart command.
>    Actually, I looked into claws-mail source code and did not find any
>    code to maintain client-ID there. Maybe maintaining client-ID is
>    not very important, so I can remove `--libsm-client-id' option if
>    anyone votes against it.

On a side note, did you copy any code from Claws? This could be
problematic as Claws is released as GPLv3 while Geany is GPLv2.

>  1. Geany session management
>    I have to use `--no-session' command-line option in restart
>    command. Please see code comments inside [4.implementation.patch],
>    the "FIXME" section. There I described, why I have to use the
>    option and why it is bad.
>    There is an easy fix: Geany instance should not save Geany session
>    if the instance is run with `--new-instance' option. I consider
>    this behaviour acceptable.

Me too.

> [4.implementation.patch].
>Untested functionality:
>  1. Building on Windows
>    I had no opportunity to test building on Windows. Autotools and waf
>    should simply fail to find libsm, thus XSMP support should be
>    disabled.

Don't worry. I would just test it but unfortunately I destroyed again
my Windows test VM by accident...the second time already. Having image
files laying around on my hard disk seems to be a high risk here...
More seriously, I don't know how many users are actually compiling
Geany on Windows themselves but I doubt there are many at all. Once I
find the time to set up a test Windows box again, I'll give it try.

>  1. Handle all command-line options
>    Most of command-line options, specified when running Geany, should
>    go to restart command. Things get little complicated as some
>    options need special handling (for example, I think that `--line'
>    and `--column' options should not go to restart command).
> [...]
>    I think, the best solution of this code duplication problem is some
>    kind of a "reverse" parser of GOptionEntry's. It does not make
>    sense to write one when you have 10 options or so, most of which
>    have string values. But if such a "reverse" parser existed, I would
>    consider using it. Information about whether a particular option
>    should/shouldn't go to restart command could be placed in a
>    separate array near `entries'.

Maybe the other way round:
put our command line options with all their information into a
array of a struct which can be used by both, the GOptionParser (read:
the values of the array are read and put into a new GOptionEntry array
for the GOptionParser) and the SM code reads our custom array as well.
Not sure whether this works, I didn't really have a look at the code.

>  * Should I write a plugin? If not, should I extract the code into

Since we need to have a SM specific option in Geany itself anyways, I
think it isn't worth moving the code into a plugin. Another problem
would probably be the restart handling within a plugin since plugins
might be loaded to late for this. Though not sure.

And Nick already put your code into a branch in SVN, I consider this
that we agree here :).


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