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Forgeot Eric eforgeot at xxxxx
Sat Aug 29 14:09:45 UTC 2009

>And this file is missing in your patch :).

sorry, I should have think to this.

It's probably easier to attach it alone with this message now (see txt2tags.c).

>I'm just wondering whether it isn't possible to extend the Markdown
>parser to parse txt2tags files as well. 

it's problably possible because the txt2tags tags don't interfere with the markdown for this part. But...

>This way we wouldn't need to
>add yet another filetype in Geany.

yet the extension for txt2tags files is different. And in case I or someone manage to write the scintilla lexer, the rest of the txt2tags syntax would interfere with the markdown one.

>Your patch doesn't list any changes to Scintilla code,

I didn't include it, maybe I could have done it (without the scintilla lexer)? I'm still not satisfied with my scintilla lexer, because I managed only to highlight the tags and not the text. I'll propose it in a later revision.

Besides, the first time I inserted my changes, I did it on the released version 0.18, so I had to do it again with the svn version later.

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