[Geany-devel] Strip trailing blank lines (patch included)

Andrew Janke a.janke at xxxxx
Wed Aug 26 15:58:28 UTC 2009

> Everybody knows that Geany has menu item "Document > Strip trailing spaces"
> and option to do it automatically when a document is saved. My proposal is
> another command, something like "Strip trailing blank lines", to remove
> blank lines in the end of file (as they are absolutely useless there).

On this note and while people are working on stripping trailing space,
would it be possible to have either a different strip command or some
switch somewhere so that strip trailing whitespace results in this
(using . for spaces/tabs):

   for i in (@blah){
   ...print "$i\n";
   ...print "BLAH!\n";

 Instead of this:

   for i in (@blah){
   ...print "$i\n";

   ...print "BLAH!\n";

Note that in the first the spaces/tabs are left to end at the current
indent level, I suspect that there is a large amount of extra code to
make this work as the strip will have to get clever and understand
about a lot more things than it currently does.


Andrew Janke
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