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Cédric Tabin tabin.cedric at xxxxx
Sun Aug 9 20:46:33 UTC 2009


Yep I currently just use libxml to check if the document contains a valid
XML. Then my script process the pretty-printing on a char* buffer and I do
the parsing manually (but I don't need to verify XML). The idea is also to
provide a simple XML PrettyPrinter script in C. So far I had never found one
that can suit to my needs...
I'll commit all my sources to the svn asap :-) If you have any advices, just
tell me so I can learn !

Thanks & best regards,

2009/8/9 Enrico Tröger <enrico.troeger at uvena.de>

> On Sun, 9 Aug 2009 18:37:34 +0200, Cédric wrote:
> >Hi Enrico,
> >
> >Thanks for your advices. Since I don't develop pretty much in C, I
> >don't know the geany-standards very well. I'll correct that :-) For
> >formatting the current selection there are two technical problems I
> >see :
> >- The selected text must be a valid XML (from start node to its closing
> >tag).
> >- How do I get the depth of the selected node ?
> Ah ok, I didn't think of these two problems. It also was just an idea,
> no need to implement this if it isn't easily possible.
> In addition to Philipp's suggestion about writing an own parser, GLib
> also has a simple XML parser builtin. Not sure whether it is suitable
> for your needs but maybe it's worth having a look, then you could also
> ditch the external dependency on libxml.
> But again, just an idea.
> >I just sent you a request to join the geany project on sourceforge.
> Handled, added and confirmed to you via PM :).
> Regards,
> Enrico
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