[Geany-devel] Deep editor customization....

Jimmy Paillet jimmy.paillet at xxxxx
Mon Apr 27 16:58:08 UTC 2009

Hello Geany developers,

I just wanted to say a few words about the editor customization (syntax
highlighting and the likes)...

While the possibilties of customization are good already (and probably more
than enough)
I always somehow missed the possibility of defining different fonts/size for
different styles...

It's not so important, so I let it go, until I used SciTE for a while...and
passed to level of customization
that was such a luxury that it was hard to let go...

Now, it might have been obvious to most of you but I figured since Geany use
scintilla as well, it must have the same possibilities
and sure enough with some hacking of the source, i got where I wanted...see
screenshot to have a better idea


multi-font/size possibilities, perfect dark background for the folding bar,
bigger choice of markers, size of the margins...
it's not much but it counts in the long run...
and geany is even better than before in my eyes now....

Now, to the main point, I understand the aim of developing a lightweight
sober IDE....so right from the bat, confusing the user with millions of
possibility of customization might not be suited...

I'm kinda testing the water here...if this extra customization matters to
people, I could clean up my hacks...and come up (or anyone willing to) come
up with a system to implement it...

in any case, it would be nice to have this possibilites mentionned in
Hacking Geany at least...I'm sure some people would be glad to find the

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