[Geany-devel] About disabling GTK+/GLib deprecated symbols

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Wed Oct 15 17:36:16 UTC 2008

On Wed, 15 Oct 2008 19:15:28 +0200, Colomban Wendling
<ban-ubuntu at club-internet.fr> wrote:

>Enrico Tröger a écrit :
>> Yeah, Colomban thanks for your efforts!
>It's nothing, I thank you of always improving this wonderful tool that
>Geany is! ;)
>> I really don't like using anything other than C to write C (except
>> for Glade :D).
>> Seriously, before I state that I don't like Vala, Nick, could you
>> give some details about it?
>> Just an obvious disadvantage: vala would cause another build
>> dependency (for developers, in any case for me :D). But we all
>> have 'glib-genmarshal' already installed.
>> But I doubt glib-genmarshal isn't a 'recent tool'. What is this
>> statement based on?At least it's the common way to generate
>> marshallers files in a couple of projects I've seen.
>> I guess at some point we need to write or generate marshallers as GTK
>> only provides a few signatures and when we add more signals to
>> GeanyObject we might need own ones.
>> Generating them sould be done with glib-genmarshal IMO but we also
>> could them by hand as they don't need to be updated once they are
>> written.
>glib-genmarshal exists at least since 2.6, I dunno for older versions.
>I think I don't really understand what you would mean: I understand you
>think using specific marshallers for Genay is a good idea (and will
>probably be needed a day or another), but that you don't want use it
>before you need one not provided by GTK?

No, there is no question that we should create own marshallers *now*
and not sometime in the future.
Sorry if I was unclear.

The question is just how do we create them.
- generate them with glib-genmarshal
- generate them with vala
- write them by hand
- something else :)

Let's see what Nick experiences with Vala and then continue


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