[Geany-devel] About disabling GTK+/GLib deprecated symbols

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Wed Oct 15 13:01:56 UTC 2008

On Tue, 14 Oct 2008 18:08:10 +0200, Colomban Wendling
<ban-ubuntu at club-internet.fr> wrote:

>> But using deprecated functions isn't really a problem until GTK 3.0,
>> no? 
>Yes, it's true. But I think there is nothing to loose to remove
>deprecated symbols; and having a clean code for now eases upgrading for
>the future, don't you think?
>> gtk_widget_set_tooltip_text() was only added in GTK+ 2.12, we still
>> support 2.6 (see HACKING).
>This is the reason why I've not proposed the full patch as a good fix.
>(offtopic: BTW, 2.6 compatibility is for Debian Sarge?)

Not necessarily, just in case someone can't use a newer GTK version for
whatever reason.
For instance, a week ago I got an email from an user who tried to
cross-compile Geany with ScratchBox, AFAIK it's a toolchain for an
eBook or anything. Anyway, this toolchain has GTK 2.6 and the guy was
happy that he sucessfully could build Geany with it.

>> Maybe that function could be mimiced for GTK
>> < 2.12 with something like ui_widget_set_tooltip_text().
>Hum, yes, it seems easy to write a function like this, but how to make
>Glade use it? An automatic replacement is not hard to set up (even
>though…), but can be a pain… a new step in UI updating. No?

'automatic replacement' of automatically generated code? No, thanks.


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