[Geany-devel] [Geany] Generalisation of build system

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Thu Oct 9 12:55:39 UTC 2008

On Thu, 9 Oct 2008 23:43:16 +1100, "Lex Trotman" <elextr at gmail.com>

>> > > What I will do over the next few days is to write a
>> > > proposed Build System section for the manual which can be
>> > > discussed, agreed and act as a specification.
>> > >
>> > As promised, attached is a Geany.html with my first cut at
>> > documenting the proposed changes to the build system.  To help you
>> > find the changes which are in several places I have attached an
>> > OpenOffice document version of the geany.txt file with changes
>> > marked using writers change marking facility. You may want to mark
>> > this up further with your comments so we can keep track.
>> Maybe it's just me but working through OpenOffice is not a good
>> option. OpenOffice is a big suite of software and many people using

Full ACK.

>> and developing Geany don't have it installed. For discussing changes
>> I would prefer we did it on the ML.
>> Could you send the geany.txt file so I can diff it?
>Ok,I  was just looking for a way of making changes visible easily,
>personally I have trouble reading diffs of any substantial size.

It's just a matter of training :).

>No problem, we can each use our own method for finding the changes and
>exchange the .txt file, attached.
>Once we get over the hurdle of this first set of changes we can also
>discuss individual items in the ML without the whole .txt file but the
>initial changes were IMO too big to just put the diffs here.

And what about moving this discussion to geany-devel?


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