[Geany-devel] Adding auto-close brackets, braces and string

ioguix at free.fr ioguix at xxxxx
Fri Nov 28 04:55:25 UTC 2008


First of all, thanks for this great piece of code that is Geany !

Now, I would like to use auto-close brackets, brace and string in Geany. 
As it doesn't looks very complicated, it could be a fairly easy feature to 
implement for a first time contributor like me.

So here is my proposal:
These options will auto-close ( [ { ' and " while typing, positionning the 
cursor between the pair.
Nothing really revolutionar here as some IDE already implement that.
Moreover, it sounds this cannot be done using snippets and I can't 
seriously think about doing a plugin for such a feature (I'm not even 
sure it's fesable). So I believe it belongs to Geany's core.

I had a look in the sources, but before coding, I would like some 
feedback about this proposal and the following questions:

- where should I put the booleans options in the conf panel ?
"Editor" > "Completion" tab sounds obvious, what do you think about that ?
- should I group brackets and braces, under the same checkbox and 
[single-]quotes in an other one ?
- what about adding a "Typing" Section to group these options in the 
completion tab ?

Thanks for your feedbacks and comments !

Guillaume (ioguix) de Rorthais

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