[Geany-devel] API: headers / GeanyEditor / gint idx

Nick Treleaven nick.treleaven at xxxxx
Tue Jun 10 12:10:30 UTC 2008

I've thought of some more plugin API changes to improve consistency
and/or organisation:

1. Make header names consistent - I've used ui_utils.h,
plugin-symbols.c - probably they should just be uiutils.h,

2. Make editor functions take a GeanyEditor struct pointer. The editor
fields of GeanyDocument could be moved into a separate struct, as the
document struct is quite big, making it harder to locate fields. This
is also good for an object-based design.

3. The document functions could take/return a GeanyDocument pointer
instead of a document index, which would avoid the use of:
being repeated all over the code base when doc-> is much neater. We
would also need to update functions like msgwin_msg_add which take a
idx parameter (this seems to be the only one at first glance).

This could be quite a big change, so it could be brought in gradually
by having an additional p_documents field in GeanyFunctions, using a
documents_ prefix for the new functions instead of document_. Once the
changes are complete we could deprecate the old ones.

What do you think?


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