[Geany-devel] Configure checks for strstr and others

Enrico Tröger enrico.troeger at xxxxx
Sun Jun 8 07:50:22 UTC 2008


I was just thinking about to remove the configure checks for e.g.
strstr() or fgetpos() as these seem to be defined in the C89 standard
(according to their manpages on a Debian system).

I don't think we need to support any platforms which not even provide a
C89 compatible C library as probably Glib and GTK aren't available on
such platforms at all.

Furthermore, we already use strstr() in the Geany code without checks
and Scintilla uses strstr() also without checking.

And I'm not sure about the check for stdlib.h. Are there systems where
stdlib.h might not be available? At least is GLib and GTK available on
these systems?

According to
GLib doesn't seem to check for strstr() and stdlib.h. So why should we?

What do you think?


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