[Geany-devel] Plugins build system

Yura Siamashka yurand2 at xxxxx
Fri Jun 6 13:26:21 UTC 2008


>> First it was easier than I expected but it's still not working as I'd
>> wish.
>> Basically it's enough to create a simple configure.in and list the
>> plugins' makefiles in it. autogen.sh does the rest by walking any
>> subdirectories and init them if there is a configure.in is found.
>> Then the configure script is created in the top level directory and it
>> works fine, make will then build each plugin below.
>> So far it's pretty cool.
One configure.in is not very good solution, IMHO.

While it is good that geany depend only on GTK+, such restriction not
good for plugins.

This single configure script will be VERY complex (probably hard to
maintain)  because different plugins depend on different libraries:
lua, python, ruby, gnome, kde, oracle etc. It is expected that some
plugins will not compile on all platform, also it is expected that
some libraries can't be linked together with other.

Best regards,
Yura Siamashka

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