[geany/geany] 21b37f: Add Arduino custom filetype

SukkoPera git-noreply at xxxxx
Fri Dec 16 10:55:35 UTC 2016

Branch:      refs/heads/master
Author:      SukkoPera <software at sukkology.net>
Committer:   Matthew Brush <matt at geany.org>
Date:        Fri, 16 Dec 2016 10:55:35 UTC
Commit:      21b37f553fdcaa37463465bd24d9ca5537800f0a

Log Message:
Add Arduino custom filetype

Closes #1339

Modified Paths:

Modified: data/Makefile.am
1 lines changed, 1 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@ filetypes = \
 	filedefs/filetypes.abc \
 	filedefs/filetypes.actionscript \
 	filedefs/filetypes.ada \
+	filedefs/filetypes.Arduino.conf \
 	filedefs/filetypes.asciidoc \
 	filedefs/filetypes.asm \
 	filedefs/filetypes.batch \

Modified: data/filedefs/filetypes.Arduino.conf
44 lines changed, 44 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)
@@ -0,0 +1,44 @@
+primary=and and_eq asm auto bitand bitor bool boolean break byte case catch char class compl const const_cast constexpr continue decltype default delete do double dynamic_cast else enum explicit extern false final float for friend goto if inline int int8_t int16_t int32_t int64_t long mutable namespace new noexcept not not_eq nullptr operator or or_eq override private protected ptrdiff_t public register reinterpret_cast return short signed sizeof size_t static static_assert static_cast struct switch template this throw true try typedef typeid typename uint8_t uint16_t uint32_t uint64_t union unsigned using virtual void volatile while xor xor_eq
+secondary=abs analogRead analogReadResolution analogReference analogWrite analogWriteResolution attachInterrupt bit bitClear bitRead bitSet bitWrite constrain cos delay delayMicroseconds detachInterrupt digitalRead digitalWrite EEPROM Ethernet F highByte interrupts isAlpha isAlphaNumeric isAscii isControl isDigit isGraph isHexadecimalDigit isLowerCase isPrintable isPunct isSpace isUpperCase isWhitespace Keyboard LiquidCrystal loop lowByte map max micros millis min Mouse noInterrupts noTone pinMode pow PROGMEM pulseIn random randomSeed SD Serial Servo setup shiftIn shiftOut sin SoftwareSerial SPI sqrt Stepper tan tone Wire word yield
+# context action command (please see Geany's main documentation for details)
+context_action_cmd=xdg-open "https://www.arduino.cc/en/Reference/%s"
+# 0 is spaces, 1 is tabs, 2 is tab & spaces
+# Use this reference for making up Arduino command lines:
+# https://github.com/arduino/Arduino/blob/master/build/shared/manpage.adoc
+FT_00_CM=arduino --verify "%d/%f" --board arduino:avr:uno
+FT_01_LB=Build (_Verbose)
+FT_01_CM=arduino --verify --verbose-build "%d/%f" --board arduino:avr:uno
+EX_00_CM=arduino --upload "%d/%f" --board arduino:avr:uno
+EX_01_LB=Up_load (Verbose)
+EX_01_CM=arduino --upload --verbose-upload "%d/%f" --board arduino:avr:uno

Modified: data/filetype_extensions.conf
3 lines changed, 2 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
@@ -6,6 +6,7 @@ Abaqus=*.inp;
@@ -73,7 +74,7 @@ None=*;
 # Note: restarting is required after editing groups

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