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Date:        Sat, 10 Oct 2015 12:33:55 UTC
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EN: Fix typos

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Modified: en/A_short_introduction/index.html
28 lines changed, 14 insertions(+), 14 deletions(-)
@@ -98,13 +98,13 @@
                         <p>This is just a selection</p>
-                        <h3>Syntaxhighlighting</h3>
+                        <h3>Syntax highlighting</h3>
                             <li>More than 60 file types</li>
-                            <li>Based upon Scintilla-Projekt</li>
-                            <li>Done with C++ classes -- so called Lexxer</li>
-                            <li>Automatic detection and manual set-able</li>
-                            <li>Self-defined file types (using shippid Lexxer)</li>
+                            <li>Based upon Scintilla project</li>
+                            <li>Done with C++ classes -- so called Lexer</li>
+                            <li>Automatic detection, can also be set manually</li>
+                            <li>Self-defined file types (using shipped Lexer)</li>
@@ -122,7 +122,7 @@
                         <h3>Keyboard shortcuts</h3>
-                            <li>Many functions can be controlled via keybaord short cur</li>
+                            <li>Many functions can be controlled via keybaord short cuts</li>
                             <li>Can be reconfigured either via config file or via dialog</li>
                             <li>Pluings can register own keyboard shortcuts</li>
@@ -142,17 +142,17 @@
                             <li>Useful for often used tasks</li>
-                            <li>Might include placeholders like it's own filename</li>
+                            <li>Might include placeholders like its own filename</li>
                             <li>Geany is offering a basic collection; own templates below <code>~/.config/geany/templates/files</code></li>
-                            <li>Reoccuring text passages can be replaces with a "shortcut"</li>
+                            <li>Reoccurring text passages can be replaced with a "shortcut"</li>
                             <li>Geany is offering a list of generic and file type specific ones</li>
                             <li>Can be extended by user</li>
-                            <li>Many examples inside <a href="http://wiki.geany.org/snippets/start">Wiki</a></li>
+                            <li>Many examples in the <a href="http://wiki.geany.org/snippets/start">Wiki</a></li>
@@ -173,17 +173,17 @@
                                     <li>... how many letters to start showing suggestions</li>
                                     <li>... shall often used words be included (useful for LaTeX, HTML)</li>
-                            <li>Static "Tages" are loaded from files</li>
+                            <li>Static "Tags" are loaded from files</li>
                             <li>File type specific</li>
-                            <li>Tag files are listed inside the <a href="http://wiki.geany.org/tags/start">Wiki</a> </li>
-                            <li>Tag-files can be generated by Geany from e.g. project</li>
+                            <li>Tag files are listed in the <a href="http://wiki.geany.org/tags/start">Wiki</a> </li>
+                            <li>Tag files can be generated by Geany from e.g. project</li>
                         <h3>Symbol browser & document browser</h3>
                             <li>Located on side bar</li>
-                            <li>Fast access to symboles (variable defintion, functions ...) with mouse</li>
+                            <li>Fast access to symbols (variable defintions, classes, functions ...) with mouse</li>
                             <li>Fast access to open documents</li>
@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@
                             <li>API/Binding for C, Python and Lua</li>
                             <li>Examples: <ul>
-                                <li>git-changebar</li>
+                                <li>Git Changebar</li>

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