[geany/geany] 8eccb0: Update SQL keywords based on a list by the Drupal project

Frank Lanitz git-noreply at xxxxx
Tue Jan 13 20:32:31 UTC 2015

Branch:      refs/heads/master
Author:      Frank Lanitz <frank at frank.uvena.de>
Committer:   Frank Lanitz <frank at frank.uvena.de>
Date:        Tue, 13 Jan 2015 20:32:31 UTC
Commit:      8eccb079ab8e9bbaa6b49f29c45f94cae67014dc

Log Message:
Update SQL keywords based on a list by the Drupal project

Modified Paths:

Modified: data/filetypes.sql
2 lines changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ qoperator=operator
 # all items must be in one line
-keywords=absolute action add admin after aggregate alias all allocate alter and any are array as asc assertion at authorization auto_increment before begin bfile bigint binary bit blob bool boolean both breadth by call cascade cascaded case cast catalog char charset character check class client clob close cluster collate collation column comment commit completion connect connection constraint constraints constructor continue corresponding create cross cube current current_date current_path current_role current_time current_timestamp current_user cursor cycle data date day deallocate dec decimal declare default deferrable deferred delete depth deref desc describe descriptor destroy destructor deterministic diagnostics dictionary dimension disconnect diskgroup distinct domain double drop dynamic each else elsif end end-exec engine equals escape every except exception exec execute exists explain external false fetch first fixed flashback float for foreign found from free full function general get global go goto grant group grouping having hold host hour identity if ignore immediate in index indextype indicator initialize initially inner inout input insert int integer intersect interval into is isolation iterate join key language large last lateral leading left less level like limit local localtime localtimestamp locator log long loop map match materialized mediumblob mediumint mediumtext merge message middleint minus minute modifies modify module month names national natural nchar nclob new next no noaudit none not null numeric nvarchar2 object of off old on only open operation option or order ordinality out outer output owner package pad parameter parameters partial path postfix precision prefix preorder prepare preserve primary print prior privileges procedure profile public purge raise read reads real recursive ref references referencing regexp regexp_like relative rename replace restrict result return returning returns revoke right role rollback rollup routine row rows savepoint schema scroll scope search second section select sequence session session_user serial set sets size smallint some space specific specifictype sql sqlexception sqlstate sqlwarning start state statement static structure synonym system_user table tablespace temporary terminate text than then time timestamp timezone_hour timezone_minute tinyint to trailing transaction translation treat trigger true truncate type under union unique uniqueidentifier unknown unnest unsigned update usage user using value values varchar varchar2 variable varying view when whenever where while with without work write year zone
+keywords=a abort abs absolute access action ada add admin after aggregate alias all allocate also alter always analyse analyze and any are array as asc asensitive assertion assignment asymmetric at atomic attribute attributes audit authorization auto_increment avg avg_row_length backup backward before begin bernoulli between bigint binary bit bit_length bitvar blob bool boolean both breadth break browse bulk by c cache call called cardinality cascade cascaded case cast catalog catalog_name ceil ceiling chain change char char_length character character_length character_set_catalog character_set_name character_set_schema characteristics characters check checked checkpoint checksum class class_origin clob close cluster clustered coalesce cobol collate collation collation_catalog collation_name collation_schema collect column column_name columns command_function command_function_code comment commit committed completion compress compute condition condition_number connect connection connection_name constraint constraint_catalog constraint_name constraint_schema constraints constructor contains containstable continue conversion convert copy corr corresponding count covar_pop covar_samp create createdb createrole createuser cross csv cube cume_dist current current_date current_default_transform_group current_path current_role current_time current_timestamp current_transform_group_for_type current_user cursor cursor_name cycle data database databases date datetime datetime_interval_code datetime_interval_precision day day_hour day_microsecond day_minute day_second dayofmonth dayofweek dayofyear dbcc deallocate dec decimal declare default defaults deferrable deferred defined definer degree delay_key_write delayed delete delimiter delimiters dense_rank deny depth deref derived desc describe descriptor destroy destructor deterministic diagnostics dictionary disable disconnect disk dispatch distinct distinctrow distributed div do domain double drop dual dummy dump dynamic dynamic_function dynamic_function_code each element else elseif enable enclosed encoding encrypted end end-exec enum equals errlvl escape escaped every except exception exclude excluding exclusive exec execute existing exists exit exp explain external extract false fetch fields file fillfactor filter final first float float4 float8 floor flush following for force foreign fortran forward found free freetext freetexttable freeze from full fulltext function fusion g general generated get global go goto grant granted grants greatest group grouping handler having header heap hierarchy high_priority hold holdlock host hosts hour hour_microsecond hour_minute hour_second identified identity identity_insert identitycol if ignore ilike immediate immutable implementation implicit in include including increment index indicator infile infix inherit inherits initial initialize initially inner inout input insensitive insert insert_id instance instantiable instead int int1 int2 int3 int4 int8 integer intersect intersection interval into invoker is isam isnull isolation iterate join k key key_member key_type keys kill lancompiler language large last last_insert_id lateral leading least leave left length less level like limit lineno lines listen ln load local localtime localtimestamp location locator lock login logs long longblob longtext loop low_priority lower m map match matched max max_rows maxextents maxvalue mediumblob mediumint mediumtext member merge message_length message_octet_length message_text method middleint min min_rows minus minute minute_microsecond minute_second minvalue mlslabel mod mode modifies modify module month monthname more move multiset mumps myisam name names national natural nchar nclob nesting new next no no_write_to_binlog noaudit nocheck nocompress nocreatedb nocreaterole nocreateuser noinherit nologin nonclustered none normalize normalized nosuperuser not nothing notify notnull nowait null nullable nullif nulls number numeric object octet_length octets of off offline offset offsets oids old on online only open opendatasource openquery openrowset openxml operation operator optimize option optionally options or order ordering ordinality others out outer outfile output over overlaps overlay overriding owner pack_keys pad parameter parameter_mode parameter_name parameter_ordinal_position parameter_specific_catalog parameter_specific_name parameter_specific_schema parameters partial partition pascal password path pctfree percent percent_rank percentile_cont percentile_disc placing plan pli position postfix power preceding precision prefix preorder prepare prepared preserve primary print prior privileges proc procedural procedure process processlist public purge quote raid0 raiserror range rank raw read reads readtext real recheck reconfigure recursive ref references referencing regexp regr_avgx regr_avgy regr_count regr_intercept regr_r2 regr_slope regr_sxx regr_sxy regr_syy reindex relative release reload rename repeat repeatable replace replication require reset resignal resource restart restore restrict result return returned_cardinality returned_length returned_octet_length returned_sqlstate returns revoke right rlike role rollback rollup routine routine_catalog routine_name routine_schema row row_count row_number rowcount rowguidcol rowid rownum rows rule save savepoint scale schema schema_name schemas scope scope_catalog scope_name scope_schema scroll search second second_microsecond section security select self sensitive separator sequence serializable server_name session session_user set setof sets setuser share show shutdown signal similar simple size smallint some soname source space spatial specific specific_name specifictype sql sql_big_result sql_big_selects sql_big_tables sql_calc_found_rows sql_log_off sql_log_update sql_low_priority_updates sql_select_limit sql_small_result sql_warnings sqlca sqlcode sqlerror sqlexception sqlstate sqlwarning sqrt ssl stable start starting state statement static statistics status stddev_pop stddev_samp stdin stdout storage straight_join strict string structure style subclass_origin sublist submultiset substring successful sum superuser symmetric synonym sysdate sysid system system_user table table_name tables tablesample tablespace temp template temporary terminate terminated text textsize than then ties time timestamp timezone_hour timezone_minute tinyblob tinyint tinytext to toast top top_level_count trailing tran transaction transaction_active transactions_committed transactions_rolled_back transform transforms translate translation treat trigger trigger_catalog trigger_name trigger_schema trim true truncate trusted tsequal type uescape uid unbounded uncommitted under undo unencrypted union unique unknown unlisten unlock unnamed unnest unsigned until update updatetext upper usage use user user_defined_type_catalog user_defined_type_code user_defined_type_name user_defined_type_schema using utc_date utc_time utc_timestamp vacuum valid validate validator value values var_pop var_samp varbinary varchar varchar2 varcharacter variable variables varying verbose view volatile waitfor when whenever where while width_bucket window with within without work write writetext x509 xor year year_month zerofill zone
 # default extension used when saving files

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