[geany/geany] b65f49: Fix closing the documents when quitting

Colomban Wendling git-noreply at xxxxx
Sat Jul 26 13:03:49 UTC 2014

Branch:      refs/heads/master
Author:      Colomban Wendling <ban at herbesfolles.org>
Committer:   Colomban Wendling <ban at herbesfolles.org>
Date:        Sat, 26 Jul 2014 13:03:49 UTC
Commit:      b65f49902f726d76178c7b72c244e901ccfa419d

Log Message:
Fix closing the documents when quitting

When quitting we avoid doing some unnecessary actions, and used to
simply destroy the Scintilla widget (and thus the notebook page)
instead of the elaborate UI updates.

Unfortunately, when the infobars landed they changed what is packed as
a notebook page, and now destroying the Scintilla widget alone is not
enough to close the page.  Fix this by properly removing the whole page
no matter what it contains.

This issue was visible when quitting Geany with a project open.

Modified Paths:

Modified: src/document.c
2 lines changed, 1 insertions(+), 1 deletions(-)
@@ -653,7 +653,7 @@ static gboolean remove_page(guint page_num)
 		/* we need to destroy the ScintillaWidget so our handlers on it are
 		 * disconnected before we free any data they may use (like the editor).
 		 * when not quitting, this is handled by removing the notebook page. */
-		gtk_widget_destroy(GTK_WIDGET(doc->editor->sci));
+		gtk_notebook_remove_page(GTK_NOTEBOOK(main_widgets.notebook), page_num);

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