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Add docs for adding/removing repositories related to these scripts

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@@ -6,3 +6,49 @@ The scripts in this repository are used for some purposes on geany.org.
 Basically they provide some additional and cool functions like announcing
 GIT commits to the IRC channel, maintain the GIT mirror repository and similar tasks.
+Add or remove a repository
+If you want to add or remove a repository maintained by these scripts, follow these steps:
+  * Edit the following files and find relevant repository information at the head of each file:
+    * scripts/git2irc/git2irc.conf
+    * scripts/git_hooks/github_commit_mail.py
+    * scripts/git_hooks/post_commit_hook.py
+  * Update the infrastructure repository on geany.org (as user *geany*):
+        cd /home/geany/infrastructure && git pull
+  * Edit /home/geany/git2irc.conf on geany:org: add/remove the repository from the
+    "repositories" settings at the top of the file
+  * Edit /usr/local/cgit/cgitrc on geany.org: at the end of the file, copy
+    one of the existing repository stanzas and adjust the settings accordingly
+  * Create a new GIT mirror repository (if needed): execute the following commands
+    on geany.org as user *root* (and replace *geany-themes* with your repository name):
+        cd /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/
+        git init --bare geany-themes.git
+        cp /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany.git/config /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git/
+        touch /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git/.update_required
+        ln -s /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git/ /srv/www/git.geany.org/git/geany-themes
+        chown -R www-data:www-data /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git
+        chown www-data:geany /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git
+        chmod 775 /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git
+        chown www-data:geany /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git/.update_required
+        chmod 664 /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git/.update_required
+  * Edit /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git/config and adjust remote URL
+  * Execute the following commands on geany.org as user *root* to update the repository:
+        cd /srv/www/git.geany.org/repos/geany-themes.git
+        sudo -u www-data git remote update
+        sudo -u www-data git update-server-info
+  * Open http://git.geany.org/ in your browser and check whether the new repository is visible
+    and has files.

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