[geany/geany] 64cfa8: Remove broken 'deb' build system target

Colomban Wendling git-noreply at xxxxx
Sun Jun 17 21:53:58 UTC 2012

Branch:      refs/heads/master
Author:      Colomban Wendling <ban at herbesfolles.org>
Committer:   Colomban Wendling <ban at herbesfolles.org>
Date:        Sun, 17 Jun 2012 21:53:58
Commit:      64cfa86f86a31c4511a3db333c78730d3d163d8e

Log Message:
Remove broken 'deb' build system target

The 'deb' target was supposed to build a Debian package from the
sources but the 'debian/' subdirectory never existed.

Modified Paths:

Modified: Makefile.am
3 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)
@@ -106,9 +106,6 @@ sign:
 	if test -f $(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION).tar.bz2; then \
 		gpg --detach-sign --digest-algo SHA512 $(PACKAGE)-$(VERSION).tar.bz2; fi
-	dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
 rpm: dist
 	rpmbuild -ta $(distdir).tar.gz

@@ Diff output truncated at 100000 characters. @@

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