[geany/geany] d06e9f: Remove $Id$ and $Date$ SVN keywords

Colomban Wendling ban at xxxxx
Sun Oct 9 20:57:48 UTC 2011

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Home:   https://github.com/geany/geany

  Commit: d06e9f4575728093b3355de31ac8efb89e1a38b1
  Author: Colomban Wendling <ban at herbesfolles.org>
  Date:   2011-10-09 (Sun, 09 Oct 2011)

  Changed paths:
    M configure.ac
  M doc/geany.txt
  M doc/making-a-release
  M doc/plugins.dox
  M doc/pluginsignals.c
  M doc/pluginsymbols.c
  M geany.nsi
  M plugins/classbuilder.c
  M plugins/demoplugin.c
  M plugins/export.c
  M plugins/filebrowser.c
  M plugins/geanyplugin.h
  M plugins/htmlchars.c
  M plugins/saveactions.c
  M plugins/splitwindow.c
  M src/Makefile.am
  M src/about.c
  M src/about.h
  M src/build.c
  M src/build.h
  M src/callbacks.c
  M src/callbacks.h
  M src/dialogs.c
  M src/dialogs.h
  M src/document.c
  M src/document.h
  M src/documentprivate.h
  M src/editor.c
  M src/editor.h
  M src/encodings.c
  M src/encodings.h
  M src/filetypes.c
  M src/filetypes.h
  M src/filetypesprivate.h
  M src/gb.c
  M src/geany.h
  M src/geanyentryaction.c
  M src/geanymenubuttonaction.c
  M src/geanymenubuttonaction.h
  M src/geanyobject.c
  M src/geanyobject.h
  M src/geanywraplabel.c
  M src/geanywraplabel.h
  M src/highlighting.c
  M src/highlighting.h
  M src/keybindings.c
  M src/keybindings.h
  M src/keyfile.c
  M src/keyfile.h
  M src/log.c
  M src/log.h
  M src/main.c
  M src/main.h
  M src/msgwindow.c
  M src/msgwindow.h
  M src/navqueue.c
  M src/navqueue.h
  M src/notebook.c
  M src/notebook.h
  M src/plugindata.h
  M src/pluginprivate.h
  M src/plugins.c
  M src/plugins.h
  M src/pluginutils.c
  M src/pluginutils.h
  M src/prefs.c
  M src/printing.c
  M src/printing.h
  M src/project.c
  M src/project.h
  M src/projectprivate.h
  M src/sciwrappers.c
  M src/sciwrappers.h
  M src/search.c
  M src/search.h
  M src/sidebar.c
  M src/sidebar.h
  M src/socket.c
  M src/socket.h
  M src/stash.c
  M src/stash.h
  M src/support.h
  M src/symbols.c
  M src/symbols.h
  M src/templates.c
  M src/templates.h
  M src/toolbar.c
  M src/toolbar.h
  M src/tools.c
  M src/tools.h
  M src/ui_utils.c
  M src/ui_utils.h
  M src/utils.c
  M src/utils.h
  M src/vte.c
  M src/vte.h
  M src/win32.c
  M src/win32.h
  M tagmanager/Makefile.am
  M tagmanager/asm.c
  M tagmanager/basic.c
  M tagmanager/cobol.c
  M tagmanager/docbook.c
  M tagmanager/fortran.c
  M tagmanager/get.c
  M tagmanager/get.h
  M tagmanager/html.c
  M tagmanager/js.c
  M tagmanager/latex.c
  M tagmanager/lregex.c
  M tagmanager/lua.c
  M tagmanager/make.c
  M tagmanager/nestlevel.c
  M tagmanager/nestlevel.h
  M tagmanager/nsis.c
  M tagmanager/pascal.c
  M tagmanager/perl.c
  M tagmanager/php.c
  M tagmanager/python.c
  M tagmanager/r.c
  M tagmanager/ruby.c
  M tagmanager/sh.c
  M tagmanager/sql.c
  M tagmanager/strlist.c
  M tagmanager/strlist.h
  M tagmanager/tcl.c
  M tagmanager/verilog.c
  M wscript

  Log Message:
  Remove $Id$ and $Date$ SVN keywords

  Commit: fbf77f586d65e319ecc1da11e98dcd932dd88b28
  Author: Colomban Wendling <ban at herbesfolles.org>
  Date:   2011-10-09 (Sun, 09 Oct 2011)

  Changed paths:
  A README.rst

  Log Message:
  Add reStructuredText extension to README

This will help GitHub to detect the content type and format it nicely.

Compare: https://github.com/geany/geany/compare/3fda333...fbf77f5

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