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Tue Oct 4 17:10:42 UTC 2011

Revision: 5996
Author:   ntrel
Date:     2011-10-04 17:10:42 +0000 (Tue, 04 Oct 2011)
Log Message:
Add note about using GRegex for tag parsers instead of POSIX regex.

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Modified: trunk/HACKING
--- trunk/HACKING	2011-10-04 12:22:36 UTC (rev 5995)
+++ trunk/HACKING	2011-10-04 17:10:42 UTC (rev 5996)
@@ -410,6 +410,18 @@
 (You can also try the Anjuta project's tagmanager codebase.)
+.. note::
+    From Geany 1.22 GLib's GRegex engine is used instead of POSIX 
+    regex, unlike CTags. It should be close enough to POSIX to work 
+    OK.
+    We no longer support regex parsers with the "b" regex flag 
+    option set and Geany will print debug warnings if it's used. 
+    CTags supports it but doesn't currently (2011) include any 
+    parsers that use it. It should be easy to convert to extended 
+    regex syntax anyway.
 * Add foo.c to SRCS in Makefile.am.
 * Add foo.o to OBJS in makefile.win32.
 * Add path/foo.c to geany_sources in wscript.

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