Hi, and thanks for a wonderfully light Editor/IDE!
I do most of my coding on a RAM-challenged laptop and have used numerous
editors. Geany is currently my choice - being light, stable and having most of
the features I'm looking for.
I love it as it is, but thought it wouldn't hurt to send you my wishlist ;)
(Keep in mind I'm using the debian package. Maybe some of my wishes are
already in the cvs?)
1) Goto linenumber functionality
2) commandline option to open a file in a new tab in the already running instance
of Geany. So I could use the built-in terminal to open files for editing :)
3) Customizable short-keys
4) Customizable toolbar buttons. Ability to create buttons that can:
- run a script/command and input the result in the active file at the marker/selected
- run a script/command and return the result in a dialog or message window.
5) Configurable "messages window" placement. Maybe I'm weird, but I would find
it usefull to have these on left or right, instead of bottom.
6) Inverted colors on selected text (like someone already mentioned)
7) If you ever include a "Project Manager", make a general (simple project) option to
add single files and filetypes like *.php, *.pl etc. With a "project files" list in the
"left window". And a customizable command to package all the files in the project :)
8) customizable short-keys to show/hide the "left window" and "messages window".
But most of all I hope you can keep it light! It's a great editor already.
best regards,