On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 3:48 PM, Cássio Nandi Citadin <cassionandi@gmail.com> wrote:
Has Github a simple and straight foward solution to bug tracking?

0.02 Euros: for small, non-distributed dev teams: reporting bugs to the mailing list seems to work well in my experience. The sqlite3 team takes reports from the mailing list and one of the devs enters (or not) the report into the bug tracker. In the fossil project (run by sqlite3's author) we do the same (anonymous bug reports were disabled due to the very high noise:info ratio). Since those particular dev teams are relatively small (not sure how many actively work on sqlite3, but on fossil fewer than 10 people regularly commit), this method seems to cut the bug-noise and duplicate entries to essentially 0.

For large and/or truly distributed projects i'm hoping that someone following this thread can make some good suggestions.

----- stephan beal