Hi all

Thanks to the geany developers for giving us a great editor. I was wondering if anyone had encountered the same problem I have when switching projects. I'm currently using geany 0.19 (svn >=r4530) although this issue has intermittently been happening for me since version ~0.17. Essentially I have a project open. I want to load another project. I choose the project from Project > Recent Projects. Geany asks if I want to close the current project and I click yes. Geany thinks for a few seconds and then segfaults. The same thing happens using the Recent Projects submenu or using Projects > Open. I've seen this happen on 2 seperate machines (ubuntu intrepid and ubuntu karmic) - the only link would be that the .config/geany and .geany would have been copied over from one machine to the other when my user data was migrated.

This happens less frequently now than it has in the past (its happened twice today) but does still crop up. I'm editing PHP / SQL / BASH files. I have the file browser and symbol list enabled in the side pane. I have no plugins (apart from the file browser) enabled. I'm using a custom snippets.conf but the default syntax highlighting files. I had the distribution geany packages installed as well on the ubuntu intrepid machine but they are not installed on the karmic machine (they were and I've now removed them). Geany is installed into /usr/local. The machines are both 64 bit.

Erm... anything else that might be helpful to diagnose what's happening? Anyone else seen this? I haven't been able to find anything on the web about it. Only a tiny irritation in an otherwise great tool!

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