OOPS! Sorry about the last post. Apparently sending tar balls causes your message to disappear but not the attachment?

My code seems pretty stable now. I read the hackers guide and figured I should create a navqueue.c file and put the functionality in there. Its only five functions so it could easily be moved somewhere else if you feel thats appropriate.   I'll upload the files to the sourceforge enhancement request.  I'm gonna tweak it out some more and and some options but that'll come later.

Also, I have about a billion and 3 different features I'd like to see in geany (and I'm willing to work on any/all of them).  How should I go about proposing them all? Should I submit each of them into bug tracking or should I put it all into a mailing list post?


On 5/28/07, Nick Treleaven <nick.treleaven@btinternet.com> wrote:
On 05/28/2007 06:39:32 AM, Dave Moore wrote:
> Anyways I saw a request for code navigation and I wanted it myself so
> I
> hacked up back and forward buttons.  Right now, it only changes the
> history
> when you go to a definition or declaration from the context menu, but
> I'm
> open to suggestions on this.  Also, if the file is no longer open, it
> removes it from the queue and goes nowhere.
> If anyone is interested I'd be willing to polish this off and submit
> it for
> entry into geany.

Sounds good, please do :)
Just submit it when it's stable, then any further improvements in
functionality can be sent separately.

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