SUCCESS! Thanks to Colomban, Lex, Matthew and all for the corrections. 

I'll clean up the Euphoria support files and post it to the Geany Wiki.

Thanks again.

On Sat, Feb 23, 2013 at 8:29 PM, Colomban Wendling <> wrote:
Le 24/02/2013 01:47, Codger a écrit :
> [...]
> I am puzzled as to why the method you have described, which is also
> described in the Geany manual, apparently works for some type of
> language files, but not for Euphoria.  I should also note that at
> least two other Euphoria user's have failed to obtain color syntax
> support for Euphoria files, except by editing the lua support files,
> as I have done.
> I am attaching the file filetypes.Euphoria.conf which is what I use
> renamed as filetypes.lua, just in case you, or some one else familiar
> with Geany might find out what is going wrong where.

When you use a Custom Filetype (the filetype.Euphoria.conf thing), you
need to set the lexer_filetype (and tag_parser too if you want) under
the "settings" section.  This tells Geany which lexer (the thing that
styles the code) to use.  In your case, set lexer_filetype=Lua and
tag_parser=Lua and you should be done.

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