On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 2:22 AM, Matthew Brush <mbrush@codebrainz.ca> wrote:
On 2016-04-26 05:05 PM, Lex Trotman wrote:
By default Find Next is bound to `<primary>g`.  Menu->help->Keyboard
Shortcuts shows a list of current keybindings.

Unfortunately that won't work as-is since the normal editor keybindings aren't triggered when the Search dialog has focus, which it gets when opened with Ctrl+F and keeps event after the Search dialog is activated to find a match with the Enter key. To use it, you'd have to re-focus the main window with Alt+Tab or whatever the environment uses for switching between top-level windows.

I always have General->Miscellaneous->"Hide the Find dialog" on in which case you can just

1. Ctr+F
2. type what you want to search for
3. hit enter - the dialog disappears automatically
4. use keybindings for going to next/previous