On Aug 5, 2011 10:08 AM, "Filip GruszczyƄski" <gruszczy@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I would have used ...WARNING = 9, see the comment 3 lines below.
> Yes, I have read this comment. I though that this is a lexer
> indicator, that's why I set to 1, right after the _ERROR. Have I got
> it wrong?
>> Does it work with your pyflakey :-D plugin, I assumed that was what
>> you wanted it for?
> I haven't tried that yet. I understand I would need to increase some
> API level to see that. I am using Geany 0.20 that is distributed with
> current Fedora.
>> Note that if the regex does not exist a fallback hack (which I
>> described recently as a hairy hardcoded heuristic) is used. I don't
>> suggest changing this.
> I don't think it is good idea for me to touch it. I have very little
> understanding how Geany, Scintilla and Gtk work, and truth be told, I
> don't do C coding in Geany. I need Python tools and this is what I
> would like to focus on :-)
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