Hi, thanks all for your answers and thinking along.

This is exactly the route that I am going to pursue. I have implemented PHP Code Sniffer for Joomla: this will 'sniff' for code style and is integrated with Geany. A warning or error in the code style is displayed correctly in Geany.

I am now going to ask the Joomla Team to extend the Code Style with Deprecated routines: that way the code is also sniffed for deprecated code. This will then not only work in Geany but in every IDE that supports PHPCS.

Again: thanks for looking into this!



On 02-10-17 00:08, Frank Lanitz wrote:
On 29.09.2017 03:17, Colomban Wendling wrote:
What I would look into is a compiler-like tool that reports those
issues, so it could be used as a build command, and Geany can highlight
the incriminated lines then.  Just a thought though.
This was my first thought too. A check for deprecated things should be
done at least before check in as some kind of pre-commit-hook if you are
really keen about. Having this hook available, it's easy to run it
during coding time -- IMHO ;)


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