On Mon, Dec 25, 2017 at 11:27 AM, Frank Lanitz <frank@frank.uvena.de> wrote:
On 23.12.2017 22:49, Thomas Martitz wrote:
> Am 21.12.2017 um 17:33 schrieb Frank Lanitz:
>> On 20.12.2017 11:55, Thomas Martitz wrote:
>>> shouldn't this work by default? On other systems, Geany is localized by
>>> default.
>> We had a long discussion here some time ago. Actually it appears that
>> there are lot of Apple users preferring the LANG=C Geany -- but might be
>> the wrong outcoming ;)
>> But really, it should be more obvious or easier to switch.
> +
> This is strange. All other platforms are localized by default.
> Defaulting to english when an application is perfectly localized seems
> like a very strange thing to do. I can imagine this is quite confusing
> for newcomers, making Geany look like it's lacking translations (i.e.
> poor quality).
> Also, I didn't think MAC users are that special. I would think they
> would also prefer the programs they use to be in their language?

Well good point. I have no clue. At least Mac users I've talked with are
using Geany in LANG=C and are happy with it. Personally I don't care but
I was confused some time ago, too. This is the reason why we have added
the flag at all.
Having in mind that there is no solution fitting everyone's taste, I
suggest to change the behaviour of the flag in a way, to default to
default locale of the system and to allow to set some alternative lang
with the flag. But ... there is something in my mind that this wasn't so
easy. @jiri?


Yeah, let's make using locale default (I'll prepare a patch). I have already successfully forgotten why exactly I did it this way. Even though I for instance prefer English everywhere, this change won't impact me because I have it set up globally in settings and Geany will respect that. So I'll just make it the other way round - using locale will be default and if someone wants to ignore locale, he'll have to create ~/.config/geany/ignore_locale.