I've never done any coding to date and really use computers, and their tools, as tools to get my stuff done. Am finding geany very useful in my plain text record keeping (most often called accounting) and its very good search function is what has convinced me to use it for my needs rather than vim or gvim (also useful but the search function in Geany and the abilities I'm just starting to investigate (bottom of the page) is what has geany getting the nod!!)

I am always looking for software that does what I need to get done or I can set things up so that I can get things done. My work habits must be quite different as I find a lot of 'generally used' software just doesn't cut it for my needs. For scheduling and possibly for logging I have found something called Task Juggler. IIRC (sorry not taking the time to verify) it was used for some major software revision for their project management.

The issue - - - Task Juggler has the ability to integrate quite tightly with vim.

Attached is the page from the Task J... docs where it talks about the the addin file, for vim.

Any suggestions as to how to change a vim syntax file into something that does a similar modification to geany?

TIA for suggestions and/or assistance. (Even pointing me in the direction to go to find out how I can do this would be greatly appreciated!!