First of all I would like to say, I love this program, I love how it is much easier to configure than gnome-text-editor.

Now for my questions (2):

I have edited the filedefs.asm file so that it will work for mips isa. Everything is great except for one thing, the comments. Geany won't recognized anything following # as a comment.

The only way I have found for Geany to treat everything to the right of # correctly is by doing CTRL - D to comment a line. Here is the fun part, the symbol it inserts is whatever is in the "comment_open= " field. Well I tried having "comment_open=#" but that doesnt work, if I try something like "comment_open=;" geany treats it as a one line comment when I CTRL-D that line.

So any idea how to get Geany to treat # correctly would be great.

The second question is if there is a special keyword I could use so that Geany would color a label. For reference a label is anything preceding a ":". As a HUGE bonus is there any way that Geany could keep track of the labels so that when it is used in the code some where geany will color it?

Example of Label

LOOP:   addi     $1,$0,3
                j      LOOP


Manuel Mendez