Yes, thanks for that. Mostly I will be running them through LibreOffice....but I will occasionally run one through Geany....for example the following one....which I seem to be having a problem with,


When I compiled it I got an error I did not understand....and yet it seemed to run with no error....but it never printed a result.
I am totally baffled at this.

As was explained on a previous reply to you, Ubuntu does not supply a "python" command, it supplies a "python3" command, but they failed to set the default command in the Ubuntu distribution of Geany to "python3", so when Geany tries to run "python" it is not found.

You can change the commands with the "Set Build Commands" dialog. 

Note:  Geany supports 60+ languages, most of which have different compile/build/execute commands, when setting the commands the current document must be the relevant language, eg one of your python scripts.


Where might I have gone wrong....or where am I misunderstanding Geany.

Thank you.