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2010/10/17 Colomban Wendling <>
Le 17/10/2010 20:49, david rene comba lareu a écrit :
> Hi,
> lately i have been using several files at the same moment (from 20 to
> 50) and i'm actively using them, so i can't close them. and some time i
> need to look at 2 files at the same time.
> is there any way to open a second instance of geany to have my files
> divided in 2? the tabs system is great but with so many files is a
> trouble for me.
> Regards,
> Shadow.
Yes, you can by launching Geany with the command-line option
--new-instance (or -i, its short name):
$ geany -i [FILE...]

Note that the first launched instance is still the "main" one, so you
need to use File->Open from that second instance to open an additional
file in it. Opening a file with your file browser or with the
command-line will still open in the first Geany's window.

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