Thanks for your help and explanation.

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On Saturday, September 10, 2022, 11:15:16 PM CDT, Lex Trotman <> wrote:

On Sun, 11 Sept 2022 at 12:52, <> wrote:
> > On Fri, 9 Sept 2022 at 21:25, Andrew Kennedy via Users
> >>
> >> It broke it up into 13 files. I got the first 2 opened by Geany.
> >>
> >> After that, it refused to open any others.
> If Geany encounters a character encoding error, such as an invalid byte combo in
> a given file it won't load it.  From that interface it looks like nothing
> happened.  Maybe the window blinks slightly.  The thinking is to avoid opening
> binary files I believe.

If a file is not a supported encoding or contains a NUL it won't open,
but you get a message in the status tab and status bar, and likely
lots of trying/failing messages in the `Help->Debug messages` for
encodings Geany tried.  SO it should be pretty obvious if that

Binaries often contain NULs (0 value bytes) which is why they won't
open, its not anti-binary per say.


> Sounds like what might be happening here.
> Sort of annoying now that you mention it, but been that way so long I got used
> to it.
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