Some progress, thanks to you, Colomban.
But, still some questions:
What is meant in the wiki by:
- "use /usr/local/bin/check_json %f as the compile command"? Under "Set Build Commands"
 I have many choices where to place the command, but I do not see a Compile command. 
 I do see a "Make" and "Make Custom Target" commands.

- "..and ([^:]+):([0-9]+) as the Error Regular Expression" is pasted in the "Error 
 regular expression" field immediately below wherever I paste the compile command?

Finally, if I am successful, I would be pleased to rewrite this wiki page to make it 
clearer for dummies like me.



On 13-02-20 12:49 PM, Colomban Wendling wrote:

Le 20/02/2013 20:46, Bob Furber a écrit :
The Geany wiki provides instructions on how to add json support.

But I have run into problems:

- I cannot find |filetypes_extensions.conf|, the file I need to
modify on my Linux Ubuntu system.
It may not already exist in your user config, but it's supposed to be in
~/.config/geany/.  You can also open it for editing using
Tools->Configuration files->filetype_extensions.conf from inside Geany.

- I assume I deed to add the new filetypes.JSON.conf to the
/usr/share/geany folder
No, this is the system path, to add a filetype for your user, add it in


Can anyone help me add json support to an otherwise outstanding code
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