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Hello there! 

Trying to get a java program to work, typed everything correctly, click on compile, click on run, program doesn't run. Gives back an error message in the console that it can't find the class, or the file... Kinda think I must be missing something here because when I do the same thing with NetBeans if the code is OK it just runs... Am I missing some plugin or configuration...?

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I've found that if - as you should - you use a package other than the default one for your Java classes, you need to modify the run command on a project-by-project (even a file-by-file) basis.  The link below shows the Build properties for one of the files I've been playing with:


You will also see that the build command is altered to use 'javac -d . filename'.  This will create the necessary directories if they don't already exist and put the .class file in the correct one when the file is built.  This can be the same for all projects.

(You also have to make special arrangements to run Applets, but I don't show that as it's off-topic and covered elsewhere if you Google for it)

I'm a newbie too, so there may be better solutions.  I read all the docs, but couldn't find anything better that worked.  Which might reflect more on my understanding than on what is available.

Hope this helps.

Peter Bradley