Hi!  New here. 


I’ve installed the dark color scheme, but it only effects the editing area.  This is really jarring and hard on the eyes having the Geany interface really light around the outside and the editing area really dark with the dark color scheme.  Makes using the color schemes, dark or other wise really hard to use/view.  Constantly your eyes are jarred out of the experience.


We were using the Sublime Text 2 dark color scheme and both the editing area and the interface around it are dark, making it a much more pleasurable experience.


Is there a way to make the Geany as pretty as the editing area?  When using the dark color schemes?  Thanks!


Sort of makes have a dark color scheme in the editing area unusable, if your eyes are constantly jumping out of it with the light colored interface around it.     


Thanks again for any help,


If we could get this and a drag and drop copy to a directory, and maybe an ftp.  This would be a really nice piece of kit.