> Hi,
> > I would like to know how to create a tag list for the Qt4 librairy.
> > I've read in the manual and I came to that exemple:
> > CFLAGS=`pkg-config --cflags libgnomeui-2.0` geany -g gnomeui.c.tags
> > \ /usr/include/libgnomeui-2.0/gnome.h there I block to configure the
> > cflags for Qt4 thanks for your helpJonatan
> Find the attached script as a starting point.
> It's probably not the best solution but it seems to work, at least it
> creates a 600KB tags file on my system. You probably need to tweak it a
> little bit to fit your needs.
> Regards,
> Enrico

thanks for your fast answerd but...
well this script at least correct the CFLAGS probleme but when it run the "geany -g qt4.c++.tags $files" I got "Failed to create tags file, perhaps because no tags were found." I've correct the path to the include file "$prefix/include/qt4", I tryed to create the tags list for QtCore module only and it does the same.

I dont know what might be the probleme. for info if it's useful, I'm on ubuntu hardy.