On 5 October 2012 18:06, Alessandro Pasotti <apasotti@gmail.com> wrote:

Either I didn't get how to do it or this is a subtle bug:

I'm on Linux, when I copy something from the editing window with the
mouse and I paste in the terminal pane inside geany with the central
mouse button, the terminal pane doesn't get the focus, pressing enter
makes the copied line(s) disappear in the editing window and doesn't
issue an enter in the terminal (this is the expected behaviour).

Hmm, can see its annoying.

I don't think it is expected, middle click is supposed to focus the widget under the cursor and paste.  It does when pasting to VTE from another window, its just within the same window thats a problem although other widgets such as scribble work as expected.

Luckily you can left click and then right click without losing the selection as a workaround.

Should I file a ticket?

Yes, but I'm not sure if we can change it, depends how deep the behaviour is buried in GTK/X windows/VTE.



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