I am running geany in both Ubuntu 17.04 (host) and Lubuntu (VirtualBox guest) 17.04 . My build settings are the same on both:

compile : g++ -g -Wall -std=c++14 -c -lboost_thread -DBOOST_THREAD_VERSION=4 -pthread "%f"
link: g++ -g -Wall -std=c++14  -o "%e" "%f" /home/bluefrog/SQLAPI/lib/libsqlapi.a -lpthread -pthread -lboost_thread -DBOOST_THREAD_VERSION=4 -lboost_system -ldl -lpq

make Object: make %e.o
Execute: "./%e"

LD_LIBRARY_PATH is defined the same on both.

When I execute (F5), having successfully compiled and linked, nothing appears in the terminal on Lubuntu in the VirtualBox, but when the same is executed  in Ubuntu (host), all appears as expected. Could somebody suggest what it may be?