And to add to Franks note, please don't do reply-all, just reply to the list.  When you reply-all the direct reply will almost always get to the sender before the list bounce, so it is likely this is the one that will get the next reply, and that means to you directly, taking the conversation off list.

Also please don't edit subject lines unless you mean to split the thread, the big ugly Gorilla of webmail clients, Gmail, will only thread based on subject.  So editing the subject means you split the thread for those users.


On 13 November 2013 02:33, Frank Lanitz <> wrote:
Hi folks,

Sorry for that Geany-OT posting... but please be so kind and take some
second to check whether your mail client is respecting the threading
when answering a post. I've got a lot of spitted up threads here and
it's really annoying and time consuming to put them together again.

In details: When answering a post, your mail client (or at latest yout
mail server) should add a message ID to your mail. This can be checked
in source of your mail and looks similar to:
Message-ID: <>
(it's another post of myself)
Also when hitting answer, your client should add the References and
In-Reply-To header to new mail. Also pelase don't answer to the
collection of mails. 


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