Awesome.  Thanks for adding this.

On 6/2/07, Enrico Tröger <> wrote:
Thank you very much. It applied smoothly, great. Added in SVN r1590.
What I changed(in case someone is interested in):
- moved the toolbar buttons to the right of the undo/redo buttons
- added an option to hide the toolbar buttons
- small code format changes in navqueue.c|h (nothing big)
- moved locally used variables and definitions from navqueue.h to
- before adding a new position(history entry), another one is
created pointing to the current file before switching, I think this is
more intuitive
- all the other changes I forgot to mention ;-)

Awesome!  Adding the current position before switching is a good idea.  I was planning to do it myself but I was debating on how to do it.  A few other things I had in mind for it are:
- check to see if the pos were adding is already at navq[0] (to avoid side by side duplicates)
- allow back and forward to be keybound
- add to nav queue when:
    - clicking on a file in the compiler msgs window
    - clicking on a symbol in the symbols list
    - clicking on a line in the search results
    - jumping to a line(?)
    - clicking on a file in the open files tree (?)
    - switching to a different tab(?)
    - searching within a file(?)

The ones with ? I'm not so sure about.  Maybe the should be optionized.  I will play around with it and see how they work.