A plugin is sort of similar to how vscode initial allowed customisation, except they just used a yeoman generator that allowed the user to convert textmate theme bundles to installed vscode themes.



On Wed, 6 Jan 2016 8:49 pm Frank Lanitz <frank@frank.uvena.de> wrote:
On 01.01.2016 20:28, Colomban Wendling wrote:
> Le 20/12/2015 03:11, Matthew Brush a écrit :
>> […]
>> I would like to propose that we add a new repository to Github, similar
>> to geany-themes, where we add any custom filetypes that are useful, but
>> perhaps aren't up to par or popular enough to add to Geany proper. This
>> would give a single place to get them all at once (via Git or Github Zip
>> file download), and also a repo for packagers to use should they want to
>> provide a package.
>> […]
>> What do you think?
> Why not, could be useful to some and have more semantic/visibility than
> the Wiki.
> Tho, the Wiki filetypes also often comes with additional details, like
> the snippet for filetype_extensions.conf, or a (possibly useful) build
> script for Geany, comments, tips, etc.  Maybe there should be some
> similar stuff in a repo with them then, maybe even an automated scritp
> capable of altering filetype_extensions.conf and alike?

Just a thought without huge reflecting: Couldn't this be done by a
plugin? I mean, a plugin pulling from git repo filetype defintions and
putting it into .config/geany and e.g. pasting snippets into snippets.conf.


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