Hi Duncan,

You know this makes sense. I took quick looks at Drupal and Joomla, but just didn't find them initially very intuitive (even though I've heard raves about both). Perhaps I just didn't have the time to really dive in then. I'll check out MODx. Do you have any opinions on Drupal and Joomla? What's the major difference between the 3?



Duncan Lock wrote:
Hi Veronica,
    When you do things this way, what you're essentially doing is manually maintaining a static website - but you're using a tool, like dreamweaver to hide most of the donkey work. This isn't a very efficient way to work, even if you are using dreamweaver, or some other tool. You would, in my opinion, be better off - in lots of ways - using a simple CMS to build your websites, rather than doing static sites. This way, you separate your content from your templates completely, the CMS stores the template and content separately - and only merges the two at page request time. This is just one of a _huge_ number of benefits the flow from using a decent CMS for your projects.

    Once you've done one site this way, you'll find that it's much quicker to build than doing a static site - and maintainence time drops dramatically, compared to static sites. If you haven't used a CMS before, I would suggest maybe trying MODx - a simple, elegant open source CMS which is free & easy to get going with. If you're interested, MODx can be found here:


    and there's a simple getting started with MODx tutorial here:


    and a forum full of helpful people to help you out if you get stuck here:


Hope this helps,

2009/5/28 Veronica Henry <vhenry07@gmail.com>

I'm trying to make the move from Dreamweaver and have a feature question. In DW, when starting a new web project, I would create a template, usually with website header, footer, navigation type items, then use this template to build the rest of the pages for the site. If I needed to make a change, for instance adding an item to the navigation bar, I'd do so in the template, save and then that change would be applied to the rest of the pages in the project (those created from the template of course).

Is there a similar feature in Geany? It would seem an immense labor, especially if the website was a large one, to have to go to each page and make 1 small change.

Thanks in advance for the help,


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