Personally, I see that a lot of people are using the nv driver and expereincing slow gtk performance.  Unless I am mistaken, and I'm fairly cerain I'm not, this can be explained and is NOT A COINCIDENCE.  My apppologies to those of you using nvidia who will ultimately agree with this.

Firstly:  The NV driver is non-accelerated, which means that it is able to use the full capabilies of the card (frequency, height, width, etc), however is does so at the most basic level imaginable, the nv driver *allows* function.  GTK on the other hand, IS accelerated, or rather is designed to be, and relies IIRC on XLibMesa.  IIRC, that means that when an activity (like scrolling) is activated, it's going to use 100% CPU becuase CPU's aren't optimized for graphics processing (It generates a lot of flops).  Conversly, using 'nvidia' AND minimal Effects (Enables GLX) WILL reduce the CPU load for scrolling, depending on your graphics processor.  At some level, a slower GPU WILL cause scrolling to lag/jump, but less-so than using a processor for the same operation. 

Secondly: People seem to always want to compare apples to oranges.  this has already been covered, GNOME/GTK !+ KDE/Qt, Scintilla != Emacs/Vim. Perhaps a more inteligent argument would be to use vi/vim as the editor instead of scintilla.  If this is what you want, you probably don't want geany.

Sixth & Lastly: Complaning about performance (that is the idea of this thread, no?) seems silly to me.  When one uses a software product so defined by choice, one should function within the bounds of that aim, eh? If this application (geany) doesn't meet your needs, then find a better solution.  If this is the best solution for you, then, I'm not sure why you're making the complaint.

Thirdly: If you are largely offended by the above, and feel that my commentary is offtopic or out of line, please consider me ignorant and rude, as you probably already have.  It remains that if you considered this a bug, you would have posted it as such, but rather than doing so, you have made it a topic of discussion, and I largely respond by saying that geany is NOT slow, nor are scrolling or any other operation slow. IMO, especially as compared to Industry standards such as ecliplse, visual studio, etc, geany is quite quick, especially where it counts.  I have selected geany over those, based almost entirely on speed and features. 

On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 8:33 AM, Enrico Tröger <> wrote:
On Thu, 4 Dec 2008 01:35:25 +0100, Jakub Misak <>

>I found Geany some time ago, searching for a simple, small IDE, and
>while it definitely looks very nice, the thing that surprised me
>the most was how incredibly slow the editor was. I tried many
>different editors before, and while GTK+ based ones have always been
>slower than others, with higher CPU overhead, I've never seen anything
>as slow as Geany (and SciTE, to be fair) - for example, in a C++ file,
>holding the left/right keys (so the cursor keeps going to left/right)
>consumes over 50% of CPU and it even stutters, stumbles on brackets,
>holding the up/down keys is even more CPU intensive, the editor
>actually cannot keep up with the cursor movement, the same with

I never experienced such heavy problems with just moving the cursor. I
must admit, I'm mostly working on my desktop, an Athlon 64 X2 4600+.
But I can't remember noticing such behaviour with my laptop (1.5GHz
Celeron) nor with my old desktop (1.8 GHz Athlon single-core, IIRC).

>scrolling (which is slow and laggy - the scrollbar cannot update
>itself fast enough, it jumps instead of moving continuously), and also

Yeah, that is Scintilla. It is known that Scintilla performs not that
good on scrolling. It was reported several times to Scintilla but Neil,
the developer stated that it is not is highest priority to work on this.
Feel free to fix the code, make things better and ideally provide a
patch. It's open-source.

>it does not lag so much. The extremely slow editor also affects the
>main menu redrawing performance - when a blank file is open in the
>editor, the menu can redraw as fast as in any other GTK+ app (i.e.
>fast enough), with a plain text file, it's slower, but when a .cpp
>file is loaded, again the redrawing is extremely slow, the menu cannot
>keep up with the mouse (when I ride through the menu from left to
>right, for example).

This is almost completely independent from Geany, the menu is drawn by
GTK. Except for a few callbacks which are ran when a submenu is opened,
Geany itself isn't involved there.

>Now, I know it sounds as if my computer is broken, but when I compare
>it with other editors: for example in emacs, the CPU usage while
>holding the arrow keys is about 0% (even in the GTK+ version), other,

Never ever compare Geany with emacs. Also the GTK version of emacs is
in no way comparable. The editing widget of emacs is not based on GTK
whereas Scintilla is.

>more modern and heavyweight editors like the Kate-based ones (KDE)
>consume about 2-3 times less CPU cycles than Geany does for these basic

This is again incomparable because KDE != GTK.

>tasks like selection, typing and scrolling, the same applies even to
>the gedit editor in GNOME, with its syntax higlighting - even though
>it's GTK+ based, there are no lags and 100% CPU usage at all.
>Is there anything that can be done about it? Or is it just my computer?
>It's a 2.4 GHz P4 with the nv driver for, tried it on Debian and
>Arch Linux, which are both pretty lightweight to begin with... Is the

Same here. I'm using Debian since years, switched lately to ArchLinux
for a few months but finally back to Debian.
Except for the known scrolling performance issue, I'm afraid to not
know what's the problem.
Of course, Geany is not as fast as emacs, no doubt on that. But your
described behaviour when switching between menus, is really GTK. But
your system should be fast enough to not cover such issues, IMO.


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