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Le 25/04/2018 à 04:18, Jérôme Andanson via Users a écrit :
Le 25/04/2018 à 00:23, Colomban Wendling a écrit :
See https://github.com/geany/geany/pull/1843

@Jérôme : could you check the above fix works for you?
First I test building geany, I'm not famillar with C stuff or compiling
code, and I success compiling with GTK3 \o/
Congrats on your first build! :)

First, I do with github master branch + adding manually your fix -->
everything is OK really cool
For comparison purpose I do it again without the fix and horizontal
scroll won't work ! so it's exactly the problem
Perfect, thank you!

Thanks for this catch !

Also while compiling geany I follow github readme so I type "make
install" !Now I have two binary in my system /usr/bin &&
/usr/local/bin/, for other compiling test I just type make and use the
binary in geany/src/ .
Any advice for cleaning my environment ?

What's the better way to use
this fixed geany or when a fix will be released ?
Next release is due in July, so it's a little time from now.  I guess it
depends how bad you need the fix: you can either wait, or use your own
compiled version (that you can install in your home directory with
--prefix=$HOME/geany, so it's super easy to remove by just removing that
directory, and you don't even need superuser privileges).

You can also try and get your distribution's package updated with the
fix, but whether or not that will work or be fast depends on the distro,
the maintainer, etc.  If you're familiar enough with that part of your
distro, you could even create an updated package just for you waiting
for the rest, but well.

So, that's a few options you might want to consider :)
Thanks again, I will use my own compiled version (too proud), until next release :)

Other thing, I see and test your plugin for a dark geany :

My current theme doesn't have a dark variant, so I found a little hack[1] to use another theme and icon set for Geany :
And for launching app with these settings in geany.desktop file :

Exec=sh -c "GTK_THEME=Adwaita:dark XDG_DATA_DIRS=/path/to/FOLDER/:$XDG_DATA_DIRS geany %F"

So beautiful ;)


[1] https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/440335/gtk3-icon-theme-and-window-decorator-per-application-basis
[2] https://www.gnome-look.org/p/1002340/