Good morning

I'm using Geany since quite sometime, both on Windows and on Linux
I appreciate it because it's fast and I can use it remotely (export the display from a Linux box through SSH)

However, this morning, I face a strange and annoying problem and I don't know how to solve it.
I'm coding in TCL
In my code, I used the following line :
set n $showArray($i,"neighbor")

it looks like the first double-quote (") isn't seen by geany ! And then after this line all the rest of my code seems to be part of a string, which is annoying
The code work in TCL !

If I put a space after the comma, then the double-quote is taken into account and the highlighting of the code is ok ... but it doesn't work anymore in TCL

Please note :
I have the issue on Linux and Windows 7
Under Windows, I'm using the latest version 1.30.1
I have the same issue with Notepad++ , and MyTcl (a specialised TCL editor) but it's ok with Ased3.0 or Komodo Edit

Can I do something to correct this ?

Thanks in advance for your help